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Bad Wolf MMA Nashville - Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Training

The form of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practiced by the Gracie family has quickly risen to the top of the pile to become the gold standard for BJJ in America. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (or UFC) was originally started at least partially to showcase the effectiveness of this combat art against older and more traditional forms of martial arts. Gracie Jiu-jitsu incorporates not only ground fighting and submission grappling, but also a large number of self-defense techniques that help secure a take-down, break grips so that you can flee, and defend yourself easily against an everyday attacker.

Here at Bad Wolf MMA, Gracie Jiu-jitsu forms the core of our training and available classes, under the instruction of world-class black belt Rahman Howard. Trained by Relson Gracie among a list of other notable instructors, our black belt incorporates the traditional self-defense aspects of Gracie Jiu-jitsu into a program that emphasizes technique and skill over strength and athletic attributes. This ensures that everyone regardless of age, gender, or natural physical ability, can actively engage in the classes and learn the methods that will keep them safe in most physical confrontations. It also allows those who wish to be fighters and move on to our MMA program a solid foundation in the fundamentals which will make them successful in the cage.

Bad Wolf offers classes both day and night, with some days devoted strictly to drilling and repeating techniques, and other days devoted to applying what you've learned in a live training environment where you wrestle with other members in a controlled and safe environment, with the instructor watching to offer advice and evaluation of your skills. With the gym open 6 days a week, that means that you can get as much or as little technique and wrestling in every week as your schedule allows you to!

For more information on class days and times, please feel free to check our schedule page, or give us a call or email to ask any questions that you might have. Check out our News feed for the latest information on our competition teams and what's been going on in the school, and look for upcoming specials on training packages!